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Remodelers Limited Warranty

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The West TN HBA's Remodelers Warranty provides the protection you need! *Only WTNHBA members are allowed to issue the Remodelers Limited Warranty
This limited warranty provides protection to both the homeowner and the remodeler by clarifying the scope of work. It also includes a mandatory mediation and arbitration clause, providing an opportunity for an issue to be resolved before it turns into legal action.  

By purchasing this warranty, the remodeler/builder acknowledges that he/she is the sole warrantor of the remodeled portion of the home indicated on the homeowner’s remodeling contract and is solely responsible for construction and inspection. The West Tennessee Home Builders Association shall not be considered as a warrantor of the remodeled portion of the home and/or liable for the correction of any defects in workmanship or materials.

THIS WARRANTY IS NOT VALID WITHOUT A REGISTRATION NUMBER.  The registration number is the transaction number included on the receipt plus the date of purchase.  For example, the registration number for a warranty purchased on April 1, 2021 with a transaction number of 24 would be 24-04-01-2021.  If multiple warranties are purchased on the same transaction, please add addition numbers, as follows: 24-04-01-2021.1;  24-04-01-2021.2; 24-04-01-2021.3; 24-04-01-2021.4; etc.  The warranty shall not be valid until a signed copy is received at the HBA office bearing the registration number and all signatures.  Please send the completed document to West TN Home Builders Association, 505 Halle Park Drive, Collierville, TN 38017.
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